buffer_get_surface took 5 arguments, now it's asking for only 3.


Has anyone else had this issue?

My own code, and according to the Manual, have buffer_get_surface( buffer, surface, mode, offset, modulo ) -5 arguments.

After updating Gamemaker to 2.3.1 my game won't compile due to wrong number of arguments. In the description, it now has buffer_get_surface(buffer, surface, offset) -3 arguments.

What happened? Were the two arguments that got axed just not important? Is this some kind of IDE error?


For anyone who hasn't seen it, this problem has been solved.

from Release Notes:

  • In-Game: buffer_get_surface() ignores its "offset", "modulo" and "mode" arguments [note these arguments were redundant and so are now removed, you need to edit your code accordingly]
Thank you @curato for showing me.


I didn't realize they were redundant. The fact that surfaces couldn't be set from buffer was a bigger nuisance than nobody ever using modulo. Or buffer_seek_start...