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 Brushes (sprite editor)


Brushes/tools are great, but a little inconsistent. I'm specifically talking about the 'smooth' setting.

- The 'smooth' check mark up top doesn't always correspond with your current brush's smoothness.
I don't think this is a bug, I think that perhaps some of the brushes have predefined smoothness which accidentally override the smoothness box, but that check box should really be updated, or the check box should rule over the brushes own setting (the latter would be best).

- Erasers don't use smoothing.
I know erasers work differently, but this was a feature of GMS1 so it's a shame to see that gone, and makes the smooth brushes less useful if you then want to erase something (will be jagged!).

- Smooth lines cheat.
That aint no smooth line, it adds pixels to the edges and that is all, nice the option is available here, but it would be nice to have some real anti-aliasing on this.

- Smooth ellipses cheat.. and dont work.
Draw a smooth outline ellipse and it does the same thing that the lines do. However, draw a filled one and the smoothness setting is ignored altogether.

- Smooth arcs don't exist
It's simply a shame this tool doesn't have this feature.

I love it, but I've wanted consistent controllable anti-aliasing in GM for a while now, and we are so close so those are my nitpicks.
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AA isn't there at all yet - as you've noticed. We have been concentrating on making a proper pixel tool first, then will go back and start adding in these missing things.