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Brush Stroke Transition Effect?

I'm wanting to make a transition effect between level areas that looks as though brush strokes are painting in or erasing the scene. Here is an example I made in Photoshop of what I'm talking about:

Is something like this even possible with GameMaker? Is there a similar technique I can use?

Thanks in advance!


The Laughing Rogue
I can't see the image, but it sounds doable using surfaces. Quick concept off the top of my head:
  1. Prepare a white/grayscale brushstroke sprite resources or three in the IDE.
  2. Grab image of old scene.
  3. Go to, and construct, new scene.
  4. Grab image of new scene.
  5. Draw new scene.
  6. Fiddle with old:
    1. Draw old.
    2. In subtract mode, draw chunks of brushstroke sprite.
  7. Draw fiddled old overtop new.
  8. Repeat from 4 until complete -- first each brushstroke to completion, then on loop until the screen is finished with brushstrokes, and the new image exists without the old.
  9. Dump the old & new surface images.
Ah, the olden days of GM, when we had built-in transition functions -- and we had to write our own transition scripts using surfaces and a third-party surface tutorial because Prof. Overmars' awesome little manual did a terrible, wretched job of describing this process in like a single vague sentence, lol.


I'd do it pretty much as described above. First copy old scene into a temporary surface. Then switch to new scene. The new one doesn't need to be made into an image though, you just draw the old one above it. Manipulate the temporary surface every step by erasing parts of it, so the new scene shows through the holes. Once you're done with brush strokes, Dump the surface and end the transition process.