Bring Me Hope - A game about passion, love, and loss

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Alive, Again

It's different this time but what has changed? It feels as though you've seen so much but have experienced so little. Asking why won't give you answers, you must venture onward. Drawn towards the light you follow the path laid before you.


We took a lot of inspiration from games like Risk of Rain, Wizards of Legend and Enter The Gungeon which we think will be obvious to those of you that play the demo.
It is not uncommon to see games borrowing ideas but we prefer to take an idea, chew it up and spit it out. After multiple full project rewrites and thousands of hours of reiterations we finally found our perfect recipe.

"Fast paced, mixed range combat, and long-term character progression, all tied together with a quirky in-depth heart-felt story..."

Player choice is a major focus for us and we emphasize that at every opportunity. As you defeat enemies you'll earn XP which follows the standard formula, "Gain experience points, level up, get more experience points, do it again".
Every few levels you'll gain a new skill that expands the scope of the decisions you can make. An example of this is the ability to dash off of walls or to execute combos with more consecutive attacks.

Origin Story

Originally the plan was to make this entire game by myself without any outside help which didn't go so well. I'm not a talented artist or musician.
Take a look for yourself at what Bring Me Hope used to look like when I ran the art department.

Not impressed? Neither was I after spending two months honing my pixel art skills so I turned to my wonderful partner Julia, and asked if she would give it a go since she has a more natural touch with this sort of thing.

Yes our protagonist used to look like this. We're sorry.
The important part is that even in the first week of attempts she was significantly better than me and improving at break neck speeds. Our team's journey began here and we've continued to work on the game since!

Meet The Team

Sebastian Nigro - Programmer / Design

"I've always been drawn to creative hobbies. Programming, art, music, and sometimes even writing. My career is still in its early stages but I'd really like to blow up and be one of the big boy indie developers we all hear about."

Julia Nigro - Artist

"I have always loved to draw, paint, and make art. I am so excited to be able to create a living, breathing, world of our own. Outside of art, I love reading, playing music and games. I would love to be able to make my art into a full-time career."

Christopher Anselmo - Sound / Music

"I'm a web developer, game developer, musician, and sound designer. I enjoy long walks on the beach and eating cheesecake."

More screenshots

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