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 Bring back the old Search and Replace



so either I'm blind or there is no Search and Replace in the code editor?
By pressing Ctrl+F I can open a search dialog but that's it.

No highlighting and also no replace tools. Where did you hide those?

Btw. is there a FAQ for Stuff like that because I got the feeling that I will have even more questions like that later on
Just to add to this question, there is an option in Search in GMS 1.4 to ignore comments when searching. This option seems to be missing in GMS 2 (or I don't know how to activate it / or its enabled by default).

Is there a way to activate this, bring this feature back?


I saw several posts from YYG staff, about that it's coming back, but they had other things to do for now (like stability), and as you see, they were finishing Mac beta, which was also taking lot of time - they want to keep both IDE at same development point, so some features must wait, until Mac IDE became stable so they can update both at same time (we'll see, maybe it's stable enough that it will come out of beta very quickly).


Ctrl+Shift+F works for the entire project, but I have yet to see one for JUST the current code pane. That'd be extremely useful
I missed this function today. I needed to rename a variable that appears at least 100 times in a script.
When I did a search & replace it was made available all the variables in the project. I just wanted to rename the script variables I was editing.

I just solved the problem by copying all the code to the notepad and performed the search & replace.

I suggest creating an option to search in the place where it is being edited. The global search option must also be maintained.

I consider this a fundamental function in GM2.


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Oh thank gods. I like the new functionality, but it needs the old as well. Editing scripts has become a tad cumbersome without it.


I saw a ticket on mantis that this functionality is done, so it's possible it will even come with next update, which according to how they updated in recent months should come in a week.


Bumping that thread.

I can't find the "Exclude comment" feature that was present already in 1.4 and maybe even before 1.4.

I have hundreds of search results with commented code and wi would like to exclude them from a simple text search. THere was way more options before.
A bit of an off-topic bump. This topic was about the per-panel search/replace, which was added years ago. The YYG staff working on GMS don't regularly browse the forums, so your best option to be heard would be to leave a feature request here.
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