Android / Amazon Fire Brick Breaker: Story Mode


I like the screenshots and would like to play this game...but I have no Android device.
How about a video so I can see it in motion....or better yet...a Windows version.

Note: Looks similar to an old GM 8 game I've played called ICON SMASH.



I like the idea and would not care if it is new or not. Although there are some minor graphic bugs (take a look at pixel perfect scaling), it's a solid clone of Breakout with a nice twist.

But there are two serious points I would like to point out:

1) The game asked me several times (at least 2 times per stage) to install Google Play Games. I don't want to do so. It would be much less annoying if it asked only once at the start of the game. Of course I know that this is my personal problem. But such things quickly lead to unnecessary 1-star-ratings if a player has a bad day.

2) I'm not sure if your game is GDPR compliant. You should check that out!

Here are two links concerning GDPR:
General information on Wikipedia:
Some information for Google AdMob:

Good luck and keep up the good work :)
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