Free Breezy's Ring Run - My First Video Game

Here it is(my first video game): Breezy's Ring Run

My very first game and a simple one. Help Breezy the Mouse get the highest score possible while collecting rings and dodging the Buzzies. If you get hit by one, it is game over.

Controls: Use the Up and Down Arrows on the keypad

Red Rings = 1 Point
Blue Rings = 3 Points
Green Rings = 5 Points

If you guys have any suggestions and critiques, just let me know because I would love to hear the suggestions. I'll polish and make some minor tweaks based off input.

I would like to thank my friends on Facebook for the support, my family and the people in the Gamemaker community who helped make this first leap possible. If it there for them, I'd still be struggling with a game concept and I would been working on something way too complex to never be finish.

Characters, Game Design Concept: Abdur Olajuwon
Music: Jaden Eckel
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