Free Brain**** Interpreter GMS2


I think you have to just zip your project. The import button is dimmed out and opening up the .yyz file just open up GMS2 but doesn't show anything besides the start page. Funny though, I just watch a youtube video on the brain**** language.


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I think I might have saved with 0.1.... when I installed 2.0 it told me it was uninstalling the previous version. however I just found out my icon it's still launching 0.1. so it never uninstalled to other version (pre public beta), never changed the old shortcut to point to the new version...

In any case, this error is pretty bad, there is nothing in that project but 1 object, 3 scripts. it should load in the free license... The error implies people with the purchase version wont be able to share with the free version even though the file is withing the specs of the free version...


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