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    May 14, 2017
    Hello again! I wanted to share with you guys an asset I've uploaded today to the marketplace and

    I call this BPM - Music Synchronization Machine, or just BPM - Music Sync. This asset let you input a bpm, a time signature and it will do the rest. It's programmed in a way so that it doesn't desynchronize like it normally would over time, and it takes into account delta_time so slowdowns don't desynchronize the metronome either.

    Every beat, the metronome tells an activator object to run a custom event which is very easy to customize, letting you run events each beat, the first beat of the measure, or however you want it.

    It also comes with a demo map containing a song at 138bpms and 4 beats per measure, which has things like balls that bounce at the rythm of the music, changing tiles each beat, flashes, and most of all: a character (well, arrow) that only moves at the beat of the song. If you input a movement before the beat, it will hold the movement until the beat and then it will move.

    You can try the demo here:

    Marketplace link: link:

    If you can support me with this or any other of my assets, I would be eternally grateful. I'm also looking forward to some feedback in case you can get this asset.

    If you like, you can follow me on

    Bye for now <3
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