Windows BoulderCrest - The Action Platformer

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Hello everyone! Welcome to BoulderCrest! An action adventure platformer made in Game Maker Studio 2 that is also my very first game.

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I've spent the last 4-5 months learning Game Maker Studio 2 and this is what I've come up with. This project is huge to me so I'm so glad that I finished it and can share it with you all! BoulderCrest remains true to its platforming roots and introduces challenge and fun. Play as Batto, who is on the hunt to retrieve a precious item stolen from his uncle, the Golden Apple. What awaits inside this forest you may ask? Face your fears and find out!

In BoulderCrest you will:
  • Jump through many different evil obstacles scattered around the forest in their attempt to stop all who that enter.
  • Fight using many different attacks like a strong bat swing, fireballs, or even a spin attack to defeat anybody who stands in your way.
  • Collect ladybugs and red apples all throughout the forest! Gather 80 ladybugs to get one red apple! Perfect for keeping Batto alive.
  • Chat with forest animals and gain helpful information about where you are and what to look out for!

There are three levels and a boss at the end! Will you conquer this forest?

Download and play for FREE at:


Screenshots for the game here:

0ce4_4.pngScreenshot 5.pngScreenshot 4.png

Thank you so much!​