Discussion Boss Battle terminology


〜Flower Prince〜
I wonder where the term "boss battle" comes from. We usually apply that term to a strong enemy in a video game, but almost never that enemy is a literal "boss", let's say the CEO of a company, or a director of a movie, or a principal of a school. Was there a game that first used the term "boss" to describe a strong enemy? If so, which game would it be? This is a very interesting topic since we all use that term instinctively, but never have I seen someone question why we call a strong enemy that way.


Ever since the last Jam, whenever I hear "boss battle", I can't help but think of this final boss, who is, in fact, an actual "boss". Obviously not the first example, but an example nonetheless.


〜Flower Prince〜
That question is answered skillfully by Geoffrey Koer, known as GeoKoer on YouTube.

He researches the earliest use of the term "boss" in video games. Then he postulates where that particular term came from. It's well documented and very convincing.

Oh wow! This really answered all of my questions.