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I haven't posted on the GMC in a few years but these new forums look fancy so I thought I'd remake my B-Man thread and see how it is.

Boring Man is a game I completed 2 or 3 years ago. It's a fully featured online game using HTTP DLL 2, an old-ish extension that is similar to 39dll. It treated me well, but it's Windows only and I only used it because development began before GMS added its own built in networking socket functions.

It features 80 weapons, a map editor, a bunch of game modes and mutators. It also features a server list which my friend coded in Python, and I regularly host 9 servers 24/7 from my apartment.

The game is free to play on Steam and has a player base with about 500 active players. The players are constantly developing something resembling a competitive meta and have definitely been keeping me on my toes with weapon balance. You can see how active the game is on the forums.

The player base was much smaller until Markiplier featured a video of it on his channel. I got more players from him then I did from the Steam's launch day.

The game also features multiplayer bots, which you can play against with a friend or by yourself. The bots are also used for a zombie and survival mode.

Here are some GIFs from development below:​

To play, you can download it here:​

My site includes a link to the Steam version, or you can just directly download the non-Steam version if you just want to look around at it, your pick. Players can also purchase the Premium version which uses GMS's built in Steam functions. It can give you aesthetic stuff like hats or colored bullets, none of that pay to win stuff. I do make a bit of money with it, however not much more then a part time job. Back in my day, you would have been laughed off the forums if you tried to shoot for a game maker game to be on Steam, or to even try to make any money with it. Funny how the future works.

I still update it once in a while but this project is completed entirely and I don't really give it large content updates anymore. I am posting on this forum to document my experience, and to answer any questions and accept feedback from any fellow GM developers, if anyone even cares.

I've been using Game Maker for a long time. Boring Man is also a very old GM series of mine, which I documented the history of here.​
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I expected a boring game instead of an awesome action game.
I'm very impressed by the camera movements in the game.