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Windows Boot-up of Game Maker 2 won't work while Online.


Skwit Skwot

So, I have this very interesting problem. Game Maker Studio 2 won't boot correctly while my computer is connected to the internet. I just get a blank white window that I can't do anything to/with, and have to close with the Task Manager. However, when my computer is not connected to the internet, it boots correctly with no problems what-so-ever.

Anyone have a suggestion as to why this is how it is? Any files I need to post to help find a solution?


This also just started happening to me today with the blank white window. However when I'm offline it hangs at "checking RSS" and still crashes.
I just got this problem today as well! I hope the devs see this post, as I cannot work on anything!

Edit: I sat there for about 3 minutes and it came back up. Try waiting for a longer period.