Windows BOON GlobalGameJam game


Filipe Valente Mendes

This is the game that me and my team, Ingrid Nery Mendes and Lourenço Odlaniger have developed in 48 hours, following the 2019's theme: "What do you understand by home". This game is easy to play and has the objective to make the player think about what is going and his understanding of home and its origin.

To play the game and give feedback, if you would like, here is the link You need to download and install the game to play it.

If you'd like to watch the trailer, use this link:

Also, there, you will have the possibility to download the source file of this game.

Here is a few images of the game:


Right, now the conclusion I get from this game is that I keep on searching "my home" on and on and at the end I find this halo, this energy bulb but once I enter it, the game suddenly ends with a logo that appears on and on. I mean shouldn't there be a more poignant ending to one's story? Anyway congrats on the time you achieved this in! The graphics and the sound, do they make an allusion to deep search within oneself? I mean literally you are walking in a bloody corridor listening to a heartbeat. You can easily add a gun and some monsters and you have Wolfenstein. Just saying, that guy had a real story to tell! Perhaps I would've ended the game with a mirror of oneself, or something like that.