Bomberman Engine

Hi everyone,
This my first project that I'm planning to put in the Marketplace (despite I don't know the correct price for this asset). But before this I wanted collected feedback to fix unseen bugs or maybe add more features that a future buyer would like.
So, it is a Bomberman Engine, where I'm trying to mimic the main features and try to make gameplay smooth enough. So let's go to the features:
- Free motion.
- Player can move, be hurt, die, place bombs or detonate RC bombs.
- Edge sliding (so if you collides to a block, but it closes to aedge, yo move closer to edge. This useful to avoid a "tank movement"
- Explosion in style of Bomberman
- 8 items so far:
-- Bomb Up
-- Fire Up
-- Speed Up
-- Heart
-- Walk through Bombs
-- Walk through Weakblocks
-- Remote Controlled Bombs (RC bombs)
-- Pierce bombs (theirs blast can pass throught weakblocks).

You move with directional keys , Z to place bombs and X to detonate RC bombs.You can play with Gamepad, but I still don't test it yet.

Im planning to add a recolored player as basic enemy and maybe touch controls in the next update.

The art assets were done by Gerard Quiroz.


Plays well! But I have some serious advice for you, because I see people wasting their time making fan creations like this all the time on these forums for little or no money: instead of putting this on the marketplace for a dollar or two and making upwards of $10 a year after putting it there, polish up the graphics a little bit, write some music, and make a game of it. Put it on Steam and make thousands of dollars instead. If you're worried about your graphics being good enough, you can do two very easy things to fix them. First of all, lower your resolution, A LOT. You're not doing yourself any favors trying to create those huge art assets. SNES games had a resolution about two and a half times smaller than what you have here. Second of all, your art is already pretty appealing looking. Just up the contrast and saturation, and change the hue a little bit in photoshop, and:

Ahhhh, feels better already! =D
Anyway, you might think it's too much trouble to make a game out of this, but if you're planning on making any money at all, making and selling an engine is not the way to do it. I'd spend another six months on it, and make some serious money selling it as an actual game, instead. Looks great so far. Cheers! o /
Thanks for your kindly word. I'm only coder, with no skills of Art or Music. So far I used 46 USD for the art and I know that music can be really expensive.
One thing that I don't understand is about lowering the resolution.Because the sprites are in 16x16. I just double the scale of the viewport. And a more brighter art look better too.
Anyway, I think I'll try create a team with people interested with the concept and have the others skills that I lack, or looking for someone interested in funding (or a previous client interested), despite the latter case would be very hardly.
I just know that I don't have enough budget to fund a full game , at least to work in 6 months.
Ah, sorry! Stupid me, I didn't realize you'd doubled the viewport size, hahah! Nevermind what I said about the resolution, then. It's a good size, already! ^ ^"
And it's a shame you're not an artist, because art would cost you some money, yeah. The artist you're working with seems to be pretty good, though, and $46 isn't bad for what he's given you. There's a lot of free music out there you could probably use, but free art is harder to find, since it's more specific. Still, I think you could make some decent money with a game, whereas an engine (unfortunately) probably wouldn't make you much. It's a shame, because the engine feels good to play.

Maybe you could learn some pixel art, and give it a go yourself? It's probably easier than you think. is a good place to start learning, if the interest ever hits you. Whatever you choose to do, good luck with the project. You've done a good job with the engine so far. ^ ^