Boblos, LAN Adventure made with GM8


Updated 1.5.2018 18:00

Hello everyone! This is Boblos. Boblos is adventure game made with GM8 and has working LAN -engine, including chat, saving cordinates etc. Boblos doesn't have full idea yet,this time it's only collecting different colored diamonds. Maybe someone have ideas to give me?
I have made this game years and years, only when I were able to continue making it. Now I have computer again and coding continues after 3 years. Fresh ideas are more than welcome! My head is stuck :D

Controlls are basic WASD for movement, hold 'P' and drag box, arrows L and R makes magic(Not working on v0.3). If you press space near the red house on the farm or shopping cart, shop appears (and disappears if you go further.

Just go to explore the Boblos world!

First you have to start server.exe and then official game :)
Updates(coming on V0.4):
+Enemy AI
+Some sounds
+New boblos doing stuff (YAY :D)
+Enemy Annihilation
+Bugs bugs...
+Different healthbar

Here are some photos also:

Please try it out, and tell me all bugs and development ideas!