GML Board Game Movement System


Hi, I recently got GMS2 on Christmas and have been following a couple of tutorials (probably not enough) and now I want to try making something on my own. My problem is with anything I've coded I always have trouble knowing where to start. I really want to make a board game like Mario Party/100% Orange Juice/etc. so I figured creating a board and getting the basic roll a dice and have the player move down a path would be the best option. Has anyone done something like this or have an idea on how I can get started with it?


I recommend writing everything out and figuring out what objects, rooms, etc. you'll need, and describing them as best you can. Try to work out what things will need to happen, and what role each of those objects will play in those actions. It doesn't have to be complete, but it will give you a much better idea of how to start, and a head start on getting things on track without having to rework everything too much.