Windows Bloodseeker (Free metroidvania)

Hello GameMaker community! I'm here to share my little metroidvania, Bloodseeker. Bloodseeker is the co-winner of the Metroidvania Month 4 game jam. It's basically a love letter to Hollow Knight and Castlevania.

In Bloodseeker, you play as a blood-sucking vampire count on a hunt for revenge. You must track down the vampiric hearts of the countesses and use their power to break a holy seal on the castle. Once the seal is broken, the count will finally be free to terrorize humanity once again.

During your quest, you can discover 6 areas, explore over 100 rooms, defeat challenging bosses, collect materials to increase your power, and gain 6 abilities. The game was made in two weeks, and after releasing a major update, it's finished and I'm ready to show anyone who might be interested.

It's free and available for Windows.

Below are some screenshots. If you want to see the game in action, there are gifs on the game page.

Hope you have fun! :) Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to leave a comment here or on the game page.
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unfortunatly the controls are awfully placed and there is no windowed mode, which makes it extremely hard to play. Controller support maybe?
@Roa Sorry to hear that you're struggling with the keyboard controls! As for windowed mode, I'll look into adding that. There is controller support :)

Thanks for giving it a shot, hope you'll try again with a controller, as that will probably help!
(PS: I only have a playstation controller to test with, so I'm not 100% sure about xbox controllers, but I don't see why it wouldn't work just fine)


Great game with nice graphics and game play elements. Had fun playing it.

Some inputs:

- The text is difficult to read and also takes up most of the room -- even when enemies are around!
- like someone said, the key placements could be improved. I sometimes accidentally use the fireball when I meant to slash....and sometimes dash when I meant to use the fireball -- all because those button are all next to each other. Also, it would be great if you could have "W" as an alternate jump button. I guess "Space" can be used to read texts and interact with objects. Its up to you.

I made it to Frankentien's room...after dying many times in the laboratory. There is no save point in that area and I'm finding it laborious to play all the way from the Bat Queen area (where the last save point was). :(

Anyway, good job! If you plan on fine tuning it please consider adding more save points and fixing the text and key placement.
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@pixeltroid Awesome! Glad you had fun! In response to your valuable and much appreciated feedback :) :

It's true that the text is quite horrid :( I would have made a sprite based font but since this was made in two weeks for a game jam, I had no time to add that in, so I unfortunately had to use a pre-existing font, and since the resolution was so small, the text had to be giant to be even the slightest legible :eek: haha

Interesting take on the controls! I'll keep those points in mind, I guess I just assumed having the keys next to each other wouldn't be too much of a problem for pc gamers, but I suppose those keys aren't the most common setup. Definitely not saying you're wrong, I guess I'm just not good at designing keyboard controls! If you could suggest a key placement, that would be very helpful! I would like to at least offer multiple controls layout. Maybe for my next game I can offer full rebinding :)

Unfortunately W for jump wouldn't work because W is how you aim your attack upwards.

Good job at making it to Frank! I will say, there is a checkpoint you've run past in the lab. There's a room with two bats and a passage leading downwards. Go down, follow that path, and you'll find your checkpoint :D that will be a much shorter trek to the boss!

If you decide to continue playing with this new knowledge, good luck with Frank! He's pretty tough, so if you need any advise while fighting him, just let me know!

I will probably have time to add some fine tuning here and there, though I'm not sure when those changes will come about. Definitely appreciate you taking the time to give a detailed response!