iOS Blocktactic HD



Blocktactic HD is out on the App Store for iPhone and iPad this week; It's a blend between traditional block drop and match-3 style games, with simple to learn but hard to master mechanics.

Store (iOS)

Note: Blocktactic HD is a paid for app, but I have a few codes I'd like to distribute to GMC'ers - drop me a PM with your country if you're interested, and I'll send one on if available.


Dev Retro

Blocktactic HD is a remake of a mobile game from earlier in the year ( - the original being pixel art based (created in GraphicsGale), and the HD remake using vectors in Inkscape.


The scaling factor had to be worked out - the old play play area of 192x288 was bumped up to 1200x1800, so essentially everything had to be scaled by a factor of 625%, e.g. HD game blocks being drawn at 200x200 rather than the pixel 32x32.


Camera work and game mechanics also had to be adjusted to handle this - thankfully I had setup camera scripts and game variables, such that a few initialisation variable swaps here and there made it much more straightforward. I think part of the battle whilst coding is how much configurability to build into the system (too much can be as damaging as too little), and whilst I have got it wrong on a few occasions, this worked well.

SFX and menu work was also redone, with the majority of the time being able to be spent on the updated block set graphics. In any case, it has been a good learning experience and I'm happy with the result!




Blocktactic HD is free on the app store for iOS devices till the end of the week; no ads, no IAPs, just game.

If you are interested in a Tetris X Match-3 mash up, give it a shot!