Windows Blitpaint - Full Painting tool - Made with Gamemaker

Hi gamemakers!

I have been developing a tool called Blitpaint for about 6 months and so far so good other than it getting a bit busy in the U.I department (so many features) and some opacity issues to gently iron out (to be honest I'm lost with it haha). Maybe someone here can see the flaws and help out, happy to make this an open source project, it's free and donation based right now while in development.

You can download and try Blitpaint from :

Here is the latest video:

The main USP of Blitpaint over other art tools is that it's easier to control brushes and make new ones, your brushes are also treated as full colour sprites, you can load in your own and have them split based on the 1,2,4,8,16 split values. You can do simple animations, pixel art, pixel shader, normal map shader, commodore Retro mode, Isometric setup, 3 colour modes for brushing and maybe a few other things.

Known issues - Black edges with opacity, very noticeable when painting in different layers (I cannot figure out blending needed here sadly .. I've tried many things and even paid for help here and got it so far .. good enough I think). If you are doing a painting and want best results, it's better to stay on the same layer, if you do eventually use other layers, merge them down and then blend the bad edges with the smudge brush (J).

Playlist of Videos / Tutorials:

May this be your art tool of choice, be sure to leave a nice review, feedback is welcome and I stream Blitpaint work in progress or paintings on a Tuesday Morning 10am - 12pm(GMT) on my twitch channel 'ramsayart'