Android / Amazon Fire BLE communication possible?



Hello I was just wondering is it possible to connect to Bluetooth low energy devices with Gamemaker Studio or use some form of library? If so how would I do this? Sending and receiving data from mobile android device to the "Ble" device. The product is light blue bean. If not may you please direct me in the right direction? I really would appreciate it thank you very, very much to those who took the time to reply and read my question.



It is possible to communicate with this development board, though it will require writing a GM:Studio Android extension.
Depending on what you are looking to achieve, this could simply be a Bean compatible bluetooth extension, Or, a more complex extension which incorporates the full Bean Dev kit. By the look of the Bean SDK on their github, the latter could take some time to write though.

Your first step would be to write the GMS Extension. If you are not familiar with writing native Android extensions you could post a request (under the appropriate forum) to see if there are any GM members available and interested in tackling this extension.

Once you have a working Extension, the communication between Android and the dev board will be straight forward, and there are quite a few demo Arduino sketches available to get you familiar with programming the Bean itself.

So your biggest hurdle will be the GMS Extension.
I've see quite a few Arduino fans on the old forums so hopefully this catches their attention as well.