Alpha BLASTION - A 3d roguelite dungeon shooter



Alpha game demo, hosted on ITCH.IO. Game made with GM:S 1.4.



Blastion is a proc-gen dungeon shooter with a lo-fi pixel aesthetic. Progress through randomly built dungeon levels while shooting and slashing enemies.

  • Procedural dungeon generation
  • Permadeath
  • Multiple guns
  • Player shooting, melee attacks, jumping and dodge rolling
  • 3 enemy types
  • Player level progression
  • WASD to move
  • MOUSE to look, LMB to shoot, RMB to use melee attack
  • SPACE to jump
  • SHIFT + Direction to roll
  • E to pick up / use
  • R to reload
  • ESC to pause / quit
  • (ENTER to restart level, regenerates a new level layout)
  • The purpose of this DEMO is to test the game on multiple systems, to see
    how it performs.
  • The gameplay is far from finished, although the main elements are in place.
  • The main menu has functionality for options, credits and highscores. They just don't do anything yet.
If you do test out the game, I'd appreciate some feedback!


Totes jelly of style.

Anyways, the guards are kinda broken. They have a huge amount of HP, never stagger or stave off, and their attacks are just going right through walls.
Idk where they are agroing from either, but they seem to pop out of no where as soon as you turn your back from a place you just cleared.

idk what it is, the combination of the enemy HP, the slim hit boxes, the frequency of attacks, the speed of motion, weapon cool down times. Maybe even all of it?? Something inst meshing well here, and the game play feels kinda tedious honestly and I cant tell which combo of features or what specific one is throwing it off. It doesn't feel good to aim and hit things.


duuude, really cool game you have going!
performance seems smooth on this machine:
win7, 2.67 ghz i7, 18 gigs ram..

i'd love to explore more, couldn't find any end room, level seemed big and flat.
some more 3d layout might be nice, ie getting on top of boxes, ramps, etc.


Thanks for the replies. The game is in a really early stage, so the I haven't really balanced the combat or enemies at all yet. I'm trying to keep the scope rather small, so at this point more "3D" gameplay isn't really on the radar. Now that the engine basics (level gen, collisions, lighting, enemy behaviors...) are pretty much all in, I can start shifting my focus on actual gameplay features.