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GMS 2.3+ Blank IdReference found


Whenever I run my game, It outputs "Core Resources : Info - Blank IdReference found - could be that the project is corrupt." but continues to build and then successfully run. I would like to know 2 things. Even though it isn't causing problems right now, could it cause issues in the future and if so, is there an easy way of figuring out which file is corrupted. I have heard that this is generally caused by corrupted sprites and that you need to go through and delete each sprite to see if the error occurs. I am fine with doing this but would like to know if there is an easier way before I begin. I am using version 2.3.

EDIT: Would it be worth converting back to 2.2.5?

EDIT: I have decided to convert back to 2.2.5 (NOTE: I went through and deleted everything in my project and the problem persisted). Idk how to close a thread so if any admins see this, please close it if possible.
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