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Windows Black Screen on Space Rocks DnD tutorial :( [SOLVED]

Hi! yesterday I bought GameMaker Studio 2 via Steam (I already linked the account with YoYo Games)
and started doing the Space Rocks DnD tutorials (I'm in the second video now).

When I get to the part about using the RUN command for the first time, I get a black screen and can't see the ship
nor the asteroids...

I am using IDE v2.0.3.529 and Runtime v2.3.0.401
And I'm running Windows 10.

Help! my "career" as a videogame designer ended before I started: P
Keep in mind that I am an ABSOLUTE beginner :(

I attached a screenshoot... may be that would help to see you anything I don´t see yet...

Thank you in advance!

P.S: Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this (don't know if it's a tech or a programming problem).


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What is your room setup like? In that screenshot the room settings aren't visible, so you will need to go to the "room" menu at the top of the IDE to open them again, or go to "Layouts" and select "Reset Layout".
Nocturne, thanks for the reply.

I add another screenshot so you can see my room setup and may be you can tell me what I'm doing wrong :(

Don't know what I touched but... now the ship appears! but none of the asteroids... (as you can see in the second screenshot).

I continued with the tutorial and the ship is moving ok, but it's the only object so far to be seen when I press "RUN".

Thanks in advance!



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Okay, the room setup looks fine (wanted to check you hadn't flagged any layers as invisible or anything like that)... So, the asteroids then! What I'd do is open the asteroid objects and in the create event add a breakpoint. This is used when you run the game using the ^debugger to pause the execution of the game and then you can "step" through the code a line at a time and see what's actually happening. So, in the asteroid object create event you need to add a breakpoint to the "Choose" action by clicking on the action and pressing F9. You would then run the game in Debug Mode and when the game stops use the "Step into" button to advance the code a line at a time and see what happens to the asteroid... is it destroyed by something? Does it fly out the room before you can see it? Basically, you're looking for anything that seems "odd" or that you think shouldn't be happening.

Double check your asteroid creation and make sure youre setting the sprite index correctly. The asteroids appear to be existing, just not visible. I did the gml version of that tutorial, not the DND so im not exactly sure what codes to give you. If you post your asteroids code we can probably figure it out.
Well... I checked the Objects & Sprites again, and ... I don't know what I'll have done ... but now all the sprites are visible! :p

I would love to know what happened, but CLEARLY I have a long way to go to understand it.

Thanks very much Nocturne & Dekadrachm for answering my question and trying to help me.
YoYo Games doesn't really lie when it says it has a great community on the forums!

Thanks again!