SOLVED Black screen on HTML5 export

So I ran my game for the first time in a while exporting as HTML5 and... black screen.
It loads, and then just goes black. I assume it's not running because no sounds play either.
The game runs fine in normal compile.

I've added so much since I last had a working html5 build. Are there specific things that cause this or is this a lot of commenting out lines of code and seeing what causes the issue?

Actually, running in debug mode gives this error, that gives me a place to start

audio_play_sound failed. WebAudio Context suspended - user must interact with the page before audio can be played.
Unhandled Exception - Uncaught { message : "unable to convert undefined to a number", longMessage : "unable to convert undefined to a number", stacktrace : [ "function _ne("unable to convert undefined to a number")
","function yyGetReal([undefined])
","function yyfplus([undefined], 60)
","function gml_Object_obj_FPS_Step_0([instance], [instance])
","function(769, 0, [instance], [instance])
","function(769, 0, [instance], [instance])
","function(769, 0)
","function _Je3()
","function _fe3()
","function _Rd3(986.447)
" ], script : "", line : -1 } in file undefined at line undefined

EDIT: It was fps_real. Manual states it doesn't work on html5 but I didn't expect it to do that. Was more expecting it to just return 0 or something.

EDIT: To anyone else reading this, remember to enable popups if you want the debugger window to show (also it has to be a debug compile not a regular compile). In chrome it's in the right of the search bar when you open HTML5, it says "pop up blocked". You need to click it and allow it through.
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