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Windows black flashes and pallet flashes



i assume this is where i go because no where else on the internet seems to care
here are two different gamemaker games that are crippled

undertale -
nuclearth -

. using win7 32bit
. i have a nvidia quadro fx 1400
. i am using one screen
. my drivers are updated. while i'm at it, i restarted my computer too :pickle:
. these games worked flawlessly in xpSp3, compatibility options aren't fixing
. issue exclusive to gamemaker products

please watch the ex. videos before responding


Does your graphics card settings including a setting for turning Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) off? This is just a random guess, it sometimes causes problems with windowed and borderless windowed mode games and applications. This is only a guess, I have no idea if it will fix it or not. It's just something I noticed people mentioning in the RPG Maker discussions, and may apply to Gamemaker too. Hopefully you find the answer you need. :)


What about uninstalling and reinstalling the game, have you tried that yet? What about trying to run the game in different resolutions, windowed/fullscreen, misc video options, etc? You say your drivers are updated, but what about your software? Drivers are just for hardware, but what about things like your windows updates, direct x, java, etc.