Asset - Shaders BktGlitch - A highly customisable glitch shader


Hello everyone, I'm here (a bit late) to tell you about an asset I have released a couple months ago.

is a glitch fragment shader package featuring:​
  • A variety of effects controllable using parameters through simple setup functions​
  • A number of presets, which can be easily set using a single line of code​
  • A demo/utility for instantly designing and exporting your own effect configuration code​
  • Multi-platform support (written in GLSL ES, a separate OS X version is included)​
  • GM:S and GM:S 2 support (both project packages include the design utility and a simple usage demo, w/ important code commented)​

If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask away!

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I'm new to the world of shaders and wondering if someone may be able to help me with a little issue I have with this shader.

I've managed to integrate it into a project and have no problem applying the shader to the whole scene but I can't work out how to apply it to just a single layer only.
I'm attempting to use layer_shader() from within a controller object. It appears to apply the shader to the specified layer but then applies the shader to the whole scene too (so the layer is actually glitching twice as much).
How do I apply the shader to a single layer only??