Bit of advice/opinion on which design to go for..


Im making a remake of the ZxSpectrum Classic ‘Trashman’ .. But i thought id make it a bit differant and make it ‘1bit’ as i like the look of 'minit' and other 1bit titles .. But now ive make it ‘black+white’, Im not so sure ...
What do u think ..??




Aye m0zzy!
Seems like a really interesting project you're crafting on..

I don't know anything about ZxSpectrum Classic ‘Trashman’, but the colorful art of the game at the first section of your video is beautiful!
Black + White design looks good for unique horror games, but I'm not sure.

I love what you're doing, keep us updated!
I definitely prefer the original colour version you showed. Perhaps you could have the black/white or colour as options that a player could select so that they could play it with either graphics set.

I remember playing Trashman on the C64 and had started using that for the basis of one of my games, but I abandoned it last year before it really got anywhere. It definitely is a neat game though.