Windows Biplane Racer, 2D racing [PC, Finished]



Biplane racer is a 2D racing game for PC (and consoles tbd) that puts you in a cartoon biplane to race against other goofy animals in hazard filled aerial tracks. One wish shall be granted to the victorious participant of the grand prix.

Game concept
Each animal character is benevolent and they have good intentions for their wish. The characters will represent good values and good attitudes in life (saving the planet, caring about one’s health, friendship, etc.).

Racing games, such as Mario Kart/Diddy Kong Racing, have had success using similar concepts and this product reproduces the excitement from the same game loops/game experience.

You pick a character based on your preference and style then follows the selection of the grand prix to participate in.

The race starts with a bang and you fly through the race track surrounded by obstacles and traps. After breaking a special balloon, you obtain an item to keep until the perfect moment. An enemy gets past you in a turn and you blast him with your special item, disabling them for a bit, just enough time for you to speed ahead and reclaim your rank in the race while dodging other adversaries’ powers as you reach for the finish line.

Key features
- Many unique animal pilots each with their own ability, stats and racing AI behaviour

- Multiple grand-prix with varying race difficulties

- Power ups to pick up during the race to use against your opponents

- Adventure mode with stages akin to a side scrolling platformer(no racing enemy) and boss stages (standard race)

- 2D racing

- Split screen two-players

Racing, 2D racing

All platforms could be targeted. I would expect a better reception on handled (switch), but is being made first for PC due to ease of access.

Theme is cartoon/kid friendly. Screenshots for the game have been included in the dedicated folder.

Project planning
Project planning: Biplane Racer

Purpose of plan
The plan will be used to identify a clear end date for the period required to complete version 1.0. Additionally, it will ensure clear goals are laid out and define the methodology required to reach said goals for the remainder of the development period of the game “Biplane Racer”. Furthermore, the plan will serve as overview for outside parties to judge the readiness and seriousness of the project’s management.

Goals and objectives
-Ensure the development of a bug free and stable engine to perform a “2D racing” or otherwise “side scrolling” shooter

-Create a favorable environment to accomplish project goals within the defined budget and time parameters

-Establish a method for scrum and task management

-Finalize the core content of the game Biplane Racer for play testing

-Ensure the game’s core is fun for children, men and women of all ages (making sure playing with family members or at a party can be enjoyable)

-Project funding is man-hours. Currently there is no outside funding to outsource content creation.

-Man-hours are only available as part-time due to having a 40h day job. The current average amount of hours anticipated on the project is between 20 and 30 hours/week.

Critical barriers to the project:

-Death would result in the inability to complete the project

-Natural disasters or acts of war resulting in the inability to work and finish the project

If any of those happen, the project would become invalid.

Project approach
Project responsibility
I handle everything solo so far (Alix Rocheleau).

Responsibilities requiring special attention to achieve project goals:

- Responsibility to find outside sources or the resources necessary to do inhouse (music, sound effects)

- Responsibility to acquire licenses for target platforms (Steam, Xbox Live Creators, Nintendo Switch tbd)

Project timeline and task management is implemented in Asana, although no finite timeline was established. Previously, the backlog of tasks was included directly with notes in GMS2 resources tree.

The estimated release of 1.0 is December 2018. More extensive playtesting could be done based on the results of the first playtest by pushing the release to January or February 2019.

Important component expected deadline:

- Racing AI, end of July

- All art + reworked art, end of July

- Game design finalized (adventure mode), end of July

- Music and sounds, end of September

- Adventure mode, completed art and missing components, end of October

- Play test and QA November/December



Diary / pseudo devlog

- Started this project idea in 2016 and never really motivated myself to actually treat my projects as "work" and always abandoned them (mostly). I worked on it sporadically without really giving it thought and decided this year I would put my grownup pants and actually "work" on my projects. (July)
- Lots of gaming and "real life" work was done this summer, I did not work on as much as I would like to. Still was able to get some work done nonetheless in coding.
- While looking for sfx I found that most free stuff that you can find online is either garbage or just too random and styles dont easily match. I decided I would just do some sfx by myself with easy enough tools. It is quite fun to just mess around with new tools and discover some possibilities. It is also a learning experience in understanding values of frequencies/amplitude in sound and such. I'll keep at it unless I find someone to join up/work with me.(October)
- Most likely will scrap adventure mode, maybe just finish the game and then work on adventure mode if I decide to come back to it for a bigger update (like a version 2.0). I want to spend some time and rework the AI completely or at least the pathing and collision detection (November)
- I have been Tweaking stuff with AI and a lot of other small details, I am also now working on adventure mode because I feel the game won't feel complete without it (end of November)
- Finished adventure mode mechanics and world map. Christmas and Holidays are tough, barely did anything else in December, mostly scribbled ideas for stages on paper.
- New job position in January, very tired from holidays and work. Did not work on the project in January unfortunately.
- Finished the new ennemies sprites and started level design for stages. (February)
- Everything is complete, Testing underway (March)
- (end of March) Still running tests, trailer finished, steam page finished, ready to publish on steam on April 23rd

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts if you read this thread. I would love to hear your feedback and opinions.
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Graphically very, very nice.

I'm unable to play as controller isn't to hand - though may go searching for it to give this game a go.
If as much thought has gone into the game design and play-ability as has gone into the graphics, this will be one awesome game.
Nice that you appear to have spent some time planning ahead, rather than just jumping in and hoping for the best.

I will certainly be following the progress of this game.
Mostly just the Elephant looks a lot like Dumbo, and the one next to it looks like you just recoloured that Looney Tunes dancing frog. The turtle looks familiar too but that may just be nothing. That's all.
Game itself looks fun and makes me think initially of Diddy Kong Racing which is neat.


Wow I loved it dude, very well done, also I would like it if you make the gameplay a bit more dynamic, thats all, nice game


New beta version with all GPs playable. No adventure mode.

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts.

Cheers !

*updated original post with screenshots, demo link, diary update


I have decided to change the steering behavior. The new method makes the AI more prone to mistakes which in turn feels more dynamic. Lots of room to grow if I decide to spend more time on it.

Updated beta version with some changes and music.
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Updated demo :
- added some storyboards (intro/ending for some characters)
- all music tracks


Worked a lot on the adventure mechanics and art, now its time to start building the map!
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Updated demo
-big update since the last demo with lots of tweaks both in adventure and gp mode
-adventure mode limited to the first 2 worlds in demo

I will be looking to get a trailer together in between testing and bug fixing to release it in April. (Unless I decide again to add more features or mechanics..)



Updated with trailer and steam page. Still doing testing and ofc always looking for feedback!



Game published!

I have more ideas to update later on with more stages and secret bosses, potentially a mobile/console release with gyroscoping controls. We'll see how it goes XD