Billiards Physics - Box 2D Issue



Above is a video helping explain my problem. For whatever reason, the ball collides and stays put immediately at a certain range of speed. I want a realistic soft bounce off the object, which if I do just a little more speed I get. I've tried playing with the friction, the physics steps and iterations but no dice. Anyone know whats going on? I feel like it's falling asleep on me at those low speeds..

Changing the pixels to meters ratio in the physics tab of your room properties window might help. Increasing the restitution of your balls might also help.
Hope that helps.


Either the friction is too high or your minimum speed is too high. When I did my game I had to manually code these two effects to get them to work as desired.
By minimum speed too high, I mean that if your balls are moving below a certain speed, you set the speed to 0 to help ensure the program does not "hang" when a ball
is in motion, but not really moving. This can happen if your movement is based on pixels per update ignoring any fractions ( 0.01 ). Friction can affect this value if you
use an integer value for position data.