Best way to make browser based multiplayer?



I have been scouring the internet to figure out how to make a game like Kahoot, where you can host a game and join a game straight from a browser.

I understand now that servers must be hosted from a computer, and not online. Hosting a server for everyone can be achieved through a service such as AWS. However what I still don't understand is, in the case of Kahoot, is every separate game (host + members) it's own server? How does this work with AWS? Does it continually create new servers for each person that hosts a game, or is there one huge server that holds every game?

I would be happy to just make something simple such as this online game: Skribblio

If anyone could just point me in the right direction with an article or a basic guideline, that would help me out so much!


I understand now that servers must be hosted from a computer, and not online.
Even if it is online, it is still on a computer. Just not on anything like your desktop, but beefier hardware built for the purpose. There's basically two kinds of multiplayer games. One is where the game is hosted entirely on central servers, like pretty much every MMORPG ever. The other is where one of the players will be the host of the game, but the matchmaking lobby is on some server so everyone can find it. In the latter case the game is written to be able to run both in client and server mode as necessary, though I think I've heard of some where the builds come separate. This is also only suited for nonpersistent game sessions, as once the host quits, the rest can't communicate as they were only connecting to the host. They have to get back to the lobby to find a new session.

In both cases, the initial client connection succeeds because the server is at a permanent address coded into the game. And there's probably multiple servers, for failsafe, and the game can update the list when calling home so it will always be able to connect again at later date. Whether the server is on AWS or some other cloud or not, the basic idea remains the same.