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Best simple textbox system?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by srchaos, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. srchaos

    srchaos Guest

    Hi there, i'm searching a textbox system with text only and simple transition, how i can do this?

    I give you an example of how I would like it to be

  2. graviax

    graviax Guest

    Can't help you, but gotta say that your game look absolutely stunning!
  3. srchaos

    srchaos Guest

    I am an illustrator forced to learn to program and it's a long way
  4. Kyle Rider

    Kyle Rider Guest

    Your art is beautiful. Drenathor has a pretty decent dialog tutorial that is pretty easy to modify once you get the idea.
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  5. srchaos

    srchaos Guest

    Thank you
  6. Kyle Rider

    Kyle Rider Guest

    No problem, I was in the same boat as you. Kept going through programmers like they were donuts. Hahaha. Decided it is about time I learned how to code myself.
  7. Fabseven

    Fabseven Member

    Oct 7, 2016
    As a dev i think it's harder to learn how to make arts (sprites,animations,etc) than code ...at least for me :p
    If you didnot learn from tuto tell us, we could still help (depending of what you want)
    If you want a text to pop near an object in the room you could use something like this

    Create event of the obj :
    box_message = "blablablabla there, use # for new lines"
    box_www = 100 //width of your box
    box_hhh = 50 //height of your box
    box_bgcolor = c_white
    box_bgcolor_alpha = 0.5
    box_ftcolor = c_gray
    box_offsetx = 15
    box_offsety = -50
    box_x1 = x + box_offsetx
    box_y1 = y + box_offsety
    box_x2 = box_x1 + box_www
    box_y2 = box_y2 + box_hhh
    box_range = 50
    box_message_x1 = box_x1 + 10
    box_message_y1 = box_y1 + 10
    draw event of obj :
    var dis = distance_to_object(obj_player)
    if( dis <= box_range)
       draw_rectangle(box_x1,box_y1,box_x2,box_y2, false) //try true for last argument
    something like this at start will show the message if the obj_player is near your object.
    If you do not want to copy this code in each of your object you could use parenting... but it might no be possible everywhere.
    So there is another method, create an obj_message when needed and this object will die after some time.
  8. srchaos

    srchaos Guest

    this actually isn't what i'm searching but is helpful

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