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Beryl Online is a 2d platformer online game where players can create their characters, Choose their Main Weapon and Explore the continent while facing monsters, other players and Acquiring items and improving their weapon mastery. Players will able to complete quests enter dungeons and fight strong enemies until they are finally capable of defeating the final boss

One thing we did in Beryl was get rid of classes. players are able to improve their skills in all weapons. The players are able to use the skills for every weapon type how ever players will only be able to unlock certain skills for their main weapons.

Beryl has been progressing for some weeks now since the restart. the game has reached the point where we have a number of features for the player to use and interact with.

List of Completed Aspects
  1. Registration
  2. Login
  3. Character Creation
  4. Player Movement
  5. Nametags
  6. Player Combat
  7. Enemies
  8. Enemy Movement
  9. Enemy Combat
  10. Level Up
  11. Stats
  12. Death
  13. NPC
  14. Skin Colors! - NEW

Planned Features ( After release)
  • Quests
  • Pets
  • Dungeon
  • Parties
  • Clans
  • Faction War

Download Link
Coming soon- Sometime in August


1-7 hot bar
F- interact with npc
I- Inventory

Currently we are looking for a reliable host while proceeding to work on the game, we have taken a look at some dedicated servers but not many seem to be able to host a game maker studio server game without breaking the bank.

Team Members

R34D34L- handles all the networking and general game programming ,encryption, and optimization.

Trueno- handles all the arts, aesthetics and special effects.
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R34d34l and i have been working hard on the game.
so far here are the current updates

Update List:
- Descriptions now in inventory
- You can now select your slot in the inventory
- You can use items
- Unlimited Mobs, mob error dsynced mobs are no more!
- Escape to log out when in game
- Escape to exit when at the menu
- On Death your no longer sitting
- No More FireArrows
- Damage indication during pvp and battles with mobs
- Bench Fixed
- Ai Now Switches Targets while being aggro and a player is near Making the ai much smarter
- When dead your chat no longer disappears..thank god
- You can now crit other players
- Package stress reduction on mob hurt ( mainly) , player hurt, and critical packets
- Mobs show damage critical damage
- Player Hurt Indication , and slash effects
- Mobs now have hurt effect and damage indication on death...if you one shot a mob you will still see the hurt effect and stuff
- New Level Up Formula, harder to level up
- Might have some bug fixes when finding uknown mob / player ( not sure yet )
- Spawn Points with cool ass graphic
- Spawn Points are saved and actually determine your spawn
- Mobs can be spawned in the village now lol without a problem
- Spawn Message no longer show up in chat


still August hopefully! were actually on our toes. but only the main key features will be out with the release. everything else will be rolled out with updates and patches
you can contact us via skype for early access. but all the test are wiped on a daily basis
Is the release still planned for August or has it been postponed again?


Hey as the programmer for the game, i must apologize for the lack of "quick" development, but a complete mmorpg takes a bit of time, tho we have progressed so much since the early pics and videos of the game. There is now pvp and other features in the game, and we have a "early access" testing group that have been helping us find any bugs. The game is planned to be released at the end of august do to the lack of exploration and content expressed in the current release. I hope you guys dont mind and keep looking into the development post that we show here and there ;)