Begin stept, end step!?

So I really dont understand what does begin step and end step... the what does step? Im really confused. Please give me some example cases of this. I heard they are making very handy...

I used only step on things like this

I read the manual...


The Step event only processes after each instance has run their Begin Step Event
The End Step event only processes after each instance has run their Step Event.


Built in variables ( speed, hspeed, vspeed, image_speed ) will cause their effects (moving an object, etc) after the Step Event, before the End Step event.

So depending on what you are doing you can get a value in the step event (save to a new variable) and then compare them in the End Step event to see if they changed.

// Step Event
myVariable = x

// End Step
if myVariable != x changed=true;


You can only read xprevious and yprevious during the End Step and Draw events, by the way. Didn't mention that in the post I linked. So you pretty much need the End Step event. You can usually get by without using the Begin Step event ever, but it has its uses.


Also objects that are higher in resource tree will run step event (and other events) before objects that are lower in resource tree.


Very interesting. I am always concern about execution order and being careful. So this will keep the code cleaner and ordered. Im refactoring my 1.4 software lol.

Nice work this 2.0. The Yoyo effort really worth.