Beckon Forth



Making a living designing your own games is hard... I decided I would log my hours while producing a game in two weeks. I would then release this game and see if it could make me money back equivalent to my freelance work (my living).

Well, I'm 90 hours in and haven't quite finished yet, but I'm happy with the progress!

This is Beckon Forth. A game about moving back and forth... Previously touched square kill you, encouraging progressively more creative platforming as time ticks down. (this is the last level in world one)

I've got three worlds currently, with nearly 50 levels. The other two worlds don't have the little environment art doodles like the above, but the gameplay gets pretty wild.

(bellow is world three, but the tiles arent pink as they should be, just a little bug)

I've sprinkled in a few different modes, to keep things fresh. In this mode, the goal is to touch all of the blocks in a given time. Remeber, you cant step on blocks you've already touched!

And in this mode, the player is tasked with controlling two characters at once.

Id like to add more environmental art, a ranked mode where plays can see how many goals they can tally up on a world leaderboard and of course menus. Id estimate the game has another week to two weeks of work left in it, but I am committed to keeping the development cycle below one month.

It would be massively helpful to hear from you! Let me know any compliments, criticisms or damnations you can think of. Thanks everyone :)

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yo im not a platformer type so idk much but i wanted to say i really like the whole squares thing.

ive found "get them all one color" quite a few times but this is the first ive seen it like this. super neat stuff i hope all goes well for you.