Released Beaver Fun River Run - Steam and Xbox



After many years of development, I have just released my first game (Beaver Fun River Run) on Steam and Xbox!

My best wishes to everyone in this community and to all the people at YoYo Games past and present who have made GameMaker what it is today.

Beaver Fun River Run - Xbox Edition

Beaver Fun™ River Run is an arcade-style, single-player, pixel art inspired, canoe racing game.

What's cute isn't always easy!
  • Compete in two qualifying and one medal round on an expansive, physics-engine driven, virtual river full of rocks, logs, strainers, and waterfalls.
  • Advance through groups of rapid sensors, collecting enough red leaves to qualify, and cross the finish line before the time expires.
  • Water - Differing speeds and directions will move your boat around.
  • Rapid Sensors - Keep alert and plan ahead, hit them in good order or be capsized.
  • Bonus Waves - Time them right and take a plunge... could be a little help or a lot of crunch.
  • Fowl - Do not touch the ducks or risk being given a penalty card.
  • Eggs - Use your hat to block splashes and splats.
Beaver Fun™ Friends!
  • On your journey down river, look for friends and items to assist you.
  • Be rewarded by using your boat to catch fish from the river, denying the raccoons the opportunity to eat them.
  • Pick-up cameras to get photos of your journey.
Know Your Boat! Read The River! Paddle Hard!

Beaver Fun™ River Run was created and developed by one person who still dreams of the days of the arcades.

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Looks really fun (based off the video)...
Good to see unique new games that are different from the genres I'm used to.
Any DEMOs available (example on or Gamejolt)


No demo yet.

I am working on a trailer now and I will post an update here when it is done.

I am happy to answer any questions about the game.

Thanks very much for the positive comments.


I have updated the post to include the trailer and the information from the Steam page.

Any questions, feedback, and or suggestions are welcomed.



I like the outdoors bever theme and the gameplay looks good. I don't see how it is "pixel art inspired" though. Maybe leave that out or write something like "colorful graphics" instead


I have updated the original post to include the Xbox release announcement and a link to the product on the Microsoft Store.

@woodsmoke - thanks for the feedback. I am still working to improve my marketing message and product visibility.