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Steam Beard & Axe (Action Adventure)


Been working on this one for about 2 1/2 years. My first release.

As Old Beard, you will venture out into the world above to recover your clan's lost relics, collect magical powders and ammunitions, and fight a wide variety of foul creatures. Failure means loss of the honor that has been added to your clan name through the ages, and if too much is lost, your quest will be over before you can complete it!


If anyone has any tips on releasing on Steam, feel free to give a shout.

Right now I'm doing beta testing with some friends/acquaintances, trying to get detailed and work on polish/beta testing.

Also as an aside, what do people think of Gamemaker 2 currently? I'm thinking ahead to my next project and wondering if it's stable enough to work with.


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Checked your steam page. Doesn´t look bad at all. The mix of exploration and a little action seems fun! I don´t know if I like the setting very much, but I guess there are many who do enjoy beardy dwarves/dwarfs