Alpha BBP [PRE-ALPHA] - 3D Online FPS




Current features:
  • Cross-platform online multiplayer
  • Online account and statistics
  • Leveling system
  • In-game currency (GP)
  • Daily missions for extra GP
  • Store with skins, consumables and other items
  • Multiple game modes to choose from, like deathmatch, capture the flag, domination, treasure hunt, master race, battle royale and more!
  • Variety of game settings, like gravity, game speed, time of the day, friendly fire, instagib, gungame, jetpacks etc.
  • Vehicles - cars, boats, jets and more to come!
  • Various weapons - from a knife to a bazooka
  • Turrets, barriers and other placeables
  • Few testing maps
  • Support for huge destructible landscapes
  • Destructible environment - trees, buildings etc.
  • Scalable graphics - runs well even on low-end machines
  • Client, server and level editor in one package
  • Support for sharing user created content
  • Scripting language similar to GML
  • Gamepad support
  • Voice chat
  • Challenges
  • Bots

Future plans:
  • More maps
  • More game modes
  • Larger weaponry selection
  • Character and weapon adjustments
  • Singleplayer training modes and challenges
  • Achievements
  • Controls settings
  • Weather system
  • New terrain system
  • Enhanced camera system
  • Enhanced animation system with support for covering behind objects
  • Enhanced destruction system
  • Overall graphical and technical improvements
  • Exports for more platforms (Xbox, PS, Android, iOS, Switch)
  • Support for more types of user created content and mods
  • Bug fixing and feature requests

What is BBP:
BBP is an online multiplayer FPS that we develop in GameMaker Studio. You might find some similarities to PUBG, Arma or the Battlefield series, but the gameplay is definitely not a simulation. We aim for fun, fast respawns and action. But it's also not completely an arcade game as well, just something in between.

In the game there is an online account, leveling and in-game currency system. You can increase your agility, stamina and strength by performing various activities or just by progressing through levels by defeating your enemies or completing daily missons. The in-game currency called Game Points (shortly GP), which is received through similar activities, allows you to buy skins, consumables and other items in the store, or it can be used right on the battlefield to buy vehicles or turrets, barriers and other objects placeable on the map. All of your progress and items are stored in the cloud!

Currently we have a few testing maps that you can play, but there also is a level editor, in which you can create your own maps and then share them through our website to be played with others.

The game contains a lot of game modes and game settings, so even if you would play on only one map, you can play it with completely different settings, like limited ammount of lives, gravity, game speed, time of the day, different locations for objectives and more. Also, most of the level objects, including terrain, are destructible! That means you can start playing on a nice grassy fields and finish in a hellhole of destruction and fire!

We are trying to make the game with minimal waiting times, meaning that we want to avoid slow game launching and long loading screens, so you can just run the game and almost immediately jump onto any server and start playing.

The client, server and the level editor are all included in one executable (including support for dedicated servers), so if you want to either play the game, host a server or make a map, you don't have to download any extra files.

If you want to see what the game looks like, you can check our Twitch channel, where we stream from time to time. If we are not currently online, you can check out past streams in the video section.

And finally, the game is currently in a closed pre-alpha stage, so feel free to request access the game so you can be playing it with us! We would love to receive some feedback and get bug reports from you to tune and push the game even further!

Join the pre-alpha:
We still have free slots for new players, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to join us!
For joining in, you need to have created account first, then you can request for the access via our discord.

Support the developement:
Do you like what we do and want to support us?
Would be really nice if you could share it on social media or even tell your friends
and if you would like to throw us some coins, you can do that on our Patreon page that we have recently launched (currently we are preparing some special items for our patreons).
Every support is greatly appreciated.

For the latest news follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your interest and for your time, see you on the battlefield!
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Hey man, thanks for the praise!

Yes it's really being developed in GM (currently in GMS1.4, but we are working on a switch to GMS2)!
There are 3 people at total in our team:

* me (IMP700 on our discord), working on core mechanics, gameplay and pretty much everything
* @kraifpatrik, working on shaders, tools and other stuff regarding technical background
* and Tommy223 on our discord, who is our support and tester, but also did some models for the game.

We would be happy to see you on the battlefield, we still have some spots left!


Wow, that is really incredible. Do you have any plans for some technical posts in your devlog? I can't be the only one that has a million "how did you do X" questions to ask :D

I'll limit my questions to three:
  • Why did you choose GM instead of the usual 3d engines?
  • In general, how are you handling physics?
  • Are there any gameplay videos?
In conclusion: Hot. Dang.


@RujiK Thanks! If people are interested we could make some technical posts, but generally you can just join our Discord ( and ask us anything there :) But to answer your 3 questions:

1) We have been making 3D games and tech in GameMaker since GM6, so that's quite some time now and we just grew comfortable doing so. One of the reasons why making 3D games in GM is discouraged is because of the lack of features that would make the process easier, but throughout the years we wrote our own tools and libraries.

2) Currently the physics in BBP are actually pretty simple. We just use blocks as collision shapes and if the object is destructed then you can walk through it. This is still a subject of improvement.

3) For videos you can check out some of our stream at
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So let me ask you about grass. Are you adding grass dynamically, centered around the camera, or is all the grass totally static? If the former, how do you write the grass efficiently?


@flyingsaucerinvasion The grass is dynamically generated around the camera in form of clusters (multiple grass models in one larger model). To make the cluster appear every time at the same position, we just use the same seed.


Yes the grass is created in chunks, once the chunk is no longer "being drawn" it's destroyed and re-created as soon as it's needed again.