Demo BBBEATS Music video software Beta version 2


I have created a system for creating music videos or cutscreens etc using just Game Maker 2
It is called BBBeats and it has following:

BBBeats v2.0 Beta
- calculate BPM (Bpm beats per minute) for a sound, creating then signals for every position of the song.
- Shader controller that gets signals from Beat controller
- Effector controllers that get signals from Beat Controller, these can do whatevery things synched to the beat signals.
- Lyrics controller
- sprite animation objects
- particles

It has calculated to be extremely precise when it comes to synchronizing music played and runs very heavy graphics also. I will need to develop funcitions for import of files, not done that yet in Game maker. Is it possible to import wav or ogg using file browser? sandboxed grrr...

I made a song that become quite popular on Sound Cloud and well then made a Music Video.
Here you can see the synch on couple of shaders and some other things. Lyrics : )

This is a demo music video made with BBBeats.


This is my first here on this forum, when will it approved. ok i wait.