Released Battle for Hexagon - simple abstract strategy [Android/iOS]


Battle for Hexagon - it's an abstract logical turn-based strategy game. It has simple rules but still provides you a strategic challenge. You can play with an AI or online with other players.

Key features:
  • Simple rules
  • Clear visual style
  • Random map generator
  • Multiplayer battles
  • Different game modes
  • No premium currency, paywalls, subscriptions, timeouts, or any other tricks to get you money. Just try the game for free (with limited options), pay once (if you liked it), and play without any restrictions.
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Google Play:
App Store:

1242x2688bb.png 1242x2688bb (4).png 1242x2688bb (3).png 1242x2688bb (2).png 1242x2688bb (1).png


From the screenshots...Looks like a cool...well made game.
I don't have an Android device...but I watched the video from your link.
Good music....If I ever get an Android device...I'll try it out.
I might get a Chromebook soon...
I did some research...and they said certain Chromebooks will play Android apps.