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Question - IDE batch load sprites (w/frames/strip)



I have a lot of sprites that need to be added, often added and then later re-added after modifications, testing, etc.
Is there a way to pull them all in at once, if they include multiple frames? (I know how to bring single sprites in)

What I have tried is the drag/drop from windows into the IDE, and this does import them as single frames. I then have to convert each one (without hotkeys as well), to frames. Alternatively, I can import one by one as a strip.

Does anyone know if I can add sprites as a strip, batch, to avoid this tedious process?


Hi! To be sure to understand, you want to load several sprites in your editor or in your executable? If it is in an executable and you know these sprites, you can put them in a single folder and create a loop to load them automatically using the commands for managing files and directories.


I have made a tool that does this for GMS 1.x, I will update it to work for GMS2 when I have time if there is no better way to do this.


I want to import batch sprites w/frames, into the editor/resource tree.

I may be able to do it, I suppose I was hoping it was being added and maybe just wasn't in yet. I mean, being able to import batch sprites without animation, seems like its just not finished.

I took a look but I don't know if its just the sprite .yy file that needs updating, and I have no idea what some of the values are or how I'd know what to edit.

It looks something like this:
"id": "c16b172d-6b6f-4a4e-86c4-1621c0036b69",
"modelName": "GMSpriteFrame",
"mvc": "1.0",
"SpriteId": "e374462f-15ac-404a-940d-78355f7d002a",
"compositeImage": {
"id": "585dc48b-5510-4220-838f-7551bbf5ccfd",
"modelName": "GMSpriteImage",
"mvc": "1.0",
"FrameId": "c16b172d-6b6f-4a4e-86c4-1621c0036b69",
"LayerId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
** Update: I tried doing a single one, then converting it to frames, and it added a lot more c16b type numbers and folders, so it unfortunately looks more difficult than I hoped.

It would be easy if GMS2 was "macro" based, where it executed internally using basically command line type inputs. Oh to have that functionality.
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