Legacy GM Basic Sidescrolling Shooter template


Game Maker version: Studio 1.4
Platform: Windows
Download link: (around 300 KB) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkr97leedk562od/Sidescrolling Shooter Template.gmx (v2).zip?dl=0
Attachments: none

A year ago I made a template of a basic side-scroller. Here's an improvement over that. This template is something I made in the past as a random off-chance thing. But this time, I made this as a way for less experienced users to use a basic template and work their way from there.

Yes, you can use this in your game. Just change the assets with your own assets.
Also, it's your choice if you want to give credit. If you are giving credit, credit me as "Skeleton THE BlackTopHat".

| A basic player controller
| 1 enemy to modify (Comes with a bare-bones AI system)
| 3 guns with 4 sub-guns in each category.
() Pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles
| And a couple of other things!

Here's a picture of the template project:

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