Android Basic Example for IAP (In-App Purchase) needed


Hello, I was trying to create a simple Test-App that lets me click on an object and
buy let's say 100 Gold for ingame usage.

So far I had no luck to implement it the way it is shown on the yoyo help pages.
All is set up and on google my Items are created, the app uploaded and with
the string "android.test.purchased" it is just working fine.

Sadly it does NOT work once I put in my real Item-ID as shown on google for the consumable
(in this case "100gold").

I always get "Sku: 100gold Not Found." This suggests I did something wrong with either connecting
the app to the right Google-App/Items, which is not the case or the GMS2 Settings.

Sha1 for upload is matching and the Google-ID is matching with the social tab in GMS2.
Packaging has the MIIB..... key set.
I did download the created related App from Google after uploading it there.

I did test with the extension "Ultimate IAPs Android" from Market and with latest and even tested 2.2.4 IDE (and runtimes). I am a bit lost on this.

Have to add the yoyo help is good until it comes to the point of all these "case" switches for IAP async calls.
Would love to see a basic example with working code from Yoyogames. With clear "show_debugmessages"
where you only have to enter the Consumable-Id/String, App-ID, SHA1 …

Link Yoyo-Guide I followed:

and :
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It is driving me nuts... :(

01-27 16:58:08.101 28541 28541 I yoyo : !!!!!!! Using frame count timing if possible...
01-27 16:58:08.105 28541 28541 I yoyo : onStart
01-27 16:58:08.106 28541 28541 I yoyo : googleplayservices extension onStart called
01-27 16:58:08.106 28541 28541 I yoyo : onResume
01-27 16:58:08.107 28541 28541 I yoyo : Setting vis flags to 5894
01-27 16:58:08.118 28541 28541 I yoyo : googleplayservices extension onResume called. Signed in on pause: false. Signed in now: false
01-27 16:58:08.213 28541 28541 I yoyo : [VK] SetInputString. Length: 1. New string: ��
01-27 16:58:08.288 28541 28607 I yoyo : chooseConfig
01-27 16:58:09.384 28541 28607 I yoyo : **********************************.
01-27 16:58:09.384 28541 28607 I yoyo : Entering main loop.
01-27 16:58:09.384 28541 28607 I yoyo : **********************************.
01-27 16:58:09.384 28541 28607 I yoyo : MANUFACTURER = samsung
01-27 16:58:09.643 28541 28607 I yoyo : GAMEPAD: Enumeration complete
01-27 16:58:19.882 28541 28607 E yoyo : Sku: 100gold, not found.
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