Despite being born in 1997, I have played many retro games since I was 10 years old, I loved them and I still love them hahaha, that is why my first game (and the next ones) is inspired by the old time classics of the 80's. Proudly I present you BANANO BROS.

I thought: What makes special an arcade game of those years? A simple game, with a simple objective, just trying to get higher scores and being in the rank #1. That is why this game is a vertical endless runner with procedurally generated obstacles, where your only goal is trying to beat your own record and playing with your friends. Your high scores are uploaded to Steam Leaderboards improving the experience. Morevover, I wanted to create some nostalgia in the players with this mix -> 32x32 sprites + chiptune music (by Ozzed) + scanlines + NES color palette = Welcome again to 80s

Now lets talk about gameplay.

In the main menu we have 3 game modes:

1 PLAYER: As you can imagine, it is just a single player, where you have to beat your own records. Try to get more possible "bananos" you can and endure more possible time.

2 PLAYERS: You will have to cooperate with your friend (so do not troll, at least in this mode), and in addition you have a new option, you can "pull" from your partner to try to save him/her from death or to get impossible bananos.

VS MODE: Similar to 2 PLAYERS, but this game mode is focused on trolls, so that pull option can be dangerous. Every player has 5 lives from the start, and they must for bananos (you gain 1 life every 20 banano). Game is finished when one of the players has no lives.

I am a student, making games is just a hobby for me, so I only spend time improving the game in my free time. However, I will try to update the game every month, adding content and fixing possible bugs. I would like to hear your opinion beacuse this is my first game and it is important to me. Sorry if my Enlish is not so good, it is not my native language. Here you are a gameplay I uploaded to YouTube:

You can find BANANO BROS. here: