Balls Up! Physics puzzle game


This is my first game, so please keep the feedback constructive!

Put the ball in the barrel. What could be easier?

What goes up must come down. In Balls Up! your goal is simple: drag pieces around the screen to guide falling balls into a barrel. While avoiding any number of moving and stationary obstacles. Before time runs out. Without letting balls fall off the screen. Like we said, what could be easier?


You can drag (left-mouse button) any object with a blinking green light. Note that objects will not react with balls while they are being dragged around the screen. Once you release the mouse button, the object will regain its physics properties.

Many draggable objects can also be rotated by clicking on the gray dot on the left-hand side of the object and dragging.


This is my first game. I plan on continuing to refine it and add levels and additional gameplay elements. Planned enhancements include:

  • Additional levels
  • Additional types of balls (baseball, football, bowling ball, etc.) - each with unique properties!
  • Additional environment objects: breakable bricks, nails to pop balls, conveyor belts, and many more.
  • Additional interactive elements
Screen shots

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Hey, i tried your game.

It was definitely challenging. Im not too big fan of time limit thought.
New balls seemed to spawn after i got them to barrel. These new balls lost me game sometimes.
Rotating objects felt kinda weird. I would prefer rotating based on mouse location.


Thanks, Yrbiax. I'm increasing the time limits, especially for the first few levels. New balls should be spawning even if you get one in the barrel. They keep coming until a max is reached - which is defined on a per-room basis. Higher levels = more balls in play at once. I agree about the object rotation but I'm not sure how to code it so an object can be dragged or rotated based solely on the left mouse button.

Appreciate the feedback!