GML Balloon Fight Clone Tutorial

Let's Clone

GM Version: 2
Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX/HTML 5
Download: Project/Assets
Link: Lets Clone

Summary: Welcome to Lets Cone!
In this tutorial we tackle a clone of the classic title ' Balloon Fight', with a subtle twist. Instead of implementing a single or cooperative version of the game, I chose to create a versus mode fo the red and blue balloonie-bois can duke it out! This should be a simple tutorial to follow and even gets into the basics of using shaders. I hope you enjoy!

Part 1: Making the Player

Part 2: Finishing the Player

Part 3: Player 2 and Shaders

Part 4: Combat Mechanics

Part 5: Finishing up
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Let's Clone

Thanks for posting these.
Thank you for watching! I've been slacking haarrd over the last few months.My life hasn't been too impacted by the pandemic, but I didmove to Colorado and I'm having a hard time scheduling around the distractions haha.


Hi Let's Clone, I'm making a clone game similar to Balloon Fight with a few different mechanics. Wish I would have found your videos earlier, they're great!

I found your thread trying to search a good way to create the background stars that balloon fight has. I know it's not something you explicitly cover but thought since you had a similar interest you might have an idea how to accomplish it. I can get little squares to draw in random places all over in the background, but can't figure out a good way to make them occasionally light up/dim without creating objects for each one (which seems a bit excessive). Any ideas?

If you're curious, video below of my gameplay - it's meant to be more similar to the arcade game Vs. Balloon Fight (scrolling vertical screen, takes credits) with a space-y theme.