iOS BALL - Arcade Game (iOS & Android)


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This is a legitimately great game. I thought to myself, "Oh, another obstacle course." But there is a reason they do so well. I booted it up and played a level... then another level... and another. Congrats on 50,000 downloads.


Wow! Fantastic graphics. Looks so polished and professional. I also love the use of a single tap control makes the game easy to understand, but difficult to master. And how you can keep moving up through levels makes you want to keep going and when you die you want to get back in as soon as you can.

Also I really like how you integrated Ads into the game where you give players the choice to skip a difficult level by watching an Ad if they want to.

Very good job!

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
I really enjoy this game! Love the graphics and gameplay! So simple, yet so fun. Congrats on the download count! That's very impressive! :D