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    Jun 21, 2016
    #1: If in North United States of America for example a man named Paul has a friend names Susan and Susan gets arrested and Susan has a bail bond of $1234 dollars can Paul get a $1234 loan to bail Susan out of jail?

    #2: If yes to #1: can Paul for example pay the loan back in over 24 gours such as 7 days?
  2. chance

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    Apr 22, 2016
    Yes to both.

    In the US, anyone can post someone's bail to get them out of jail. The person arrested can pay it, or it can be paid by a friend or family member, or a "bail bondsman". Generally, court dates are pretty quick for minor offenses. And the bond is returned after the arrested person appears in court. So if you borrowed money to pay the bail, the loan can be re-paid then (with interest of course).

    Instead of getting a bank loan, you can use a bail bondsman. They charge a non-refundable fee of 10% - 15% , and they pay the bail themselves. Effectively, they loan you the money. But they pay it directly to the police, and they get it back when you appear in court. So you don't need a separate bank loan -- which can take days or weeks.

    Also, bondsmen offices are open 24 hrs. So if you're arrested late at night, they'll pay your bail within a few hours -- assuming you have enough cash to give them 15%. Otherwise, you sit in jail overnight, or until someone pays your bail.

    Just remember that if YOU pay someone's bail, and they fail to appear for their court date, then YOU will lose that bond. That's why bondsmen are so ruthless if you skip your court date.

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