This time it is version 0.03 is available for download :
You can finally play against an opponent (computer-controlled) for 1 set.
To direct the player, you must use:
arrows to move
"Space" only to serve
"W" to clear
"X" to drop
In the case of the shooting keys, pressing the key (space, W or X) triggers a target which must be directed with the arrows and when the firing button is released, the shuttlecock moves to the place where it was the target.
This system of shooting is similar to what we find on old tennis games (great cours 2, advantage tennis, ..) especially for the service. The main objective of this game is to have a nice gameplay to play, we will see for future releases if it will be kept especially for the service. It is especially your impressions / wishes that will make this game evolve.
So I'm counting on you to leave a comment on your impressions after each download !!!



Hey this looks pretty cool. You should give it some more polish and run with this idea. Badminton gets no love in video games anymore.