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Released BAD TRIP Action-Platformer Game



I am Skico and I made an action platformer game: Bad Trip.
It is my first game and I worked on this project during almost 6 months.

Available here : https://skico-studio.itch.io/bad-trip

Genre: Action Platformer Game with a touch of die&retry.
Works Only with a GamePad.
Duration to complete the game: 4 - 7 hours.
6 levels and 3 Bosses.
Game saves automatically.
Engine: Game Maker Studio 2
Age +18: Games contains bad langage, violence, sexual references, refers the use of drug.

If you have any remarks, are stuck in the game, want more information about me or the game, please send me an email at skico.studio@gmail.com.

If you have technical questions about the game, send me an email, it will be a pleasure to answer you.
I put a thread about the pathfinding that I made for the game here : https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/platformer-pathfinding-tutorial.43000/

Have a nice trip pal ! !